Saturday, September 30, 2023

What I do?

My business activites are the followings:

  • hardware and software repairing – even with remote access
  • building, monitoring and troubleshooting of networks
  • selling new and 2nd hand computers and peripheals – upon request with on-site installation and/or set-up
  • antivirus solutions consulting and purchasing
  • backup strategies planning and implementing

If, in addition to the above, you have any other IT problems or issues (eg domain registration, web hosting, office technology, etc.), I look forward to hearing from you, as I can provide a wide range of additional services from my partners.

All of the products and services are sold with invoice and warranty!

3 thoughts on “What I do?
  1. Hi my PC is not turning on and I think is an issue with the psu can you please help as I need it for work. Thanks.

    1. Hello

      If psu is failed it needs to check it with psu checker or in an another pc.
      You can contact a local service or computer shop in order to diagnose the device.

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